Pet Waste Solutions

Encourage pet owners to clean up after their pets.

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Poopy Pouch Station Kit

The convenient Poopy Pouch Kit with lid is the all-in-one solution to doggy waste.  This handy unit includes everything you need to encourage pet owners to clean up after their pets.


  • Locking galvanized steel powder coated dispenser in green gloss finish
  • 8-foot steel channel post in green gloss finish (in two-4-foot sections)
  • 10-gallon waste receptacle with lid
  • 9" x 12" aluminum sign :Clean Up After Your Pet
  • 800 Poopy Pouch Doggy Poo bags (4 rolls of 200 bags each)  
  • Mounting hardware and instructions

 PP-PWS  Poopy Pouch Kit


Replacement bags for Poopy Pouch Station

  • 13-gallon  trash liners for Poopy Pouch Pet Waste Receptacle      
  •  Replacement bags for dispenser. 
 PP-WSBG50  13-gallon trash liners - 50 per roll  $38.50 per roll

 Dispenser replacement bags -            200 per roll

 $9.50 per roll


 Replacement bags (case) -                    10 rolls of 200

 $83.00 per case

Poopy Doo Dispenser Combo

This is a quick and easy way to keep bags conveniently located. 

Dispenser may be mounted inside or outside. 

Bags are perforated and easy to dispense. 

They will not  leak.     7" x 24" with gusset  

Contains 1 green plastic dispenser, mounting hardware and 1 roll of 100 bags.

PD-HDISP  Dispenser Combo  $19.95
PD-HBG100   Refill bags (100)  $9.95