ID Bands

TabBand Max collars STAY ON, so you'll have 100% pet identification.  This low cost identification system is ideal for in house use.

Made from a high-tech laminated material, the multiple layers of criss-crossing plastic make this collar nearly rip-proof.  Since the colors are laminated in, not printed on, they're guaranteed not to run even when using shampoo, dips or sprays.

Max ID Bands

Bands are offered in a 10" or 20" length.

Cut them to fit, or add lengths together.

Simply remove the tab cover, place around the animals neck and press gummed tab firmly.

500 bands per box

Colored Bands:  No special pen required.  Use ordinary ballpoint pen or pencil. 

White (W), Blue (B), Red (R), Green (G), Yellow (Y), Orange (O), Pink (P), Mixed (M) blue/red/green/yellow/pink

NO.  Length / Color  Price Per Box
ID-10 10" specify color $ 49.50
ID-20  20" specify color $ 56.50
ID-10W 10" White $ 49.50
ID-20W  20" White $ 56.50


Economy ID Bands

Econobands are rugged temporary collars that are guaranteed to stay on through the animal's hospital or kennel stay.

These bands are the same material as the Max bands, but there's no special coating to permit writing with a standard pencil or ballpoint, thus requiring a Sharpie. One marker included per box. 

The Sharpie isn't as permanent as a pen, so these are not recommended to withstand baths, dips.


Available in two lengths                     500 bands per box

 NO. Length/Color   Price per box
 IDEW-10  10" White  $ 38.50
 IDEW-20  20" White  $ 45.50