Animal Handling

For the professional with special handling and capture needs, our line of products were chosen for their quality, pricing and suitability.  A reliable piece of equipment is an essential factor in avoiding injury to animals and to the professional care-giver.

  • Dog Muzzles:  Washable nylon with a plastic curved side release buckle for closure.
  • Specialty Muzzles:  For those long-snouted and short-snouted breeds.
  • Cat Muzzles:  Form fitting muzzle that covers entire face.
  • Ferret Muzzles:  Durable nylon with low profile buckle. 
  • Bite Buster (R) Handling Gloves:  Synthetic bite and scratch resistant glove.
  • Stretchers:
    • Rigid Stretcher: Ideal for emergencies, after surgery transport and injuries.
    • Soft Stretcher: Makes easy work of transporting the smallest to the largest animals in all situations. 
  • Animal Control Poles:   A versatile, lightweight aluminum pole. 
  • Animal Grabber:  This tool is one of the most used by animal control officers. 
  • Live Traps:  Welded wire traps of various sizes. 
  • TNR Handling:  These products were designed for Trap-Neuter-Return.