BiteBuster (R) Gloves and Sleeves

Professional Animal Handling Safety Wear

All bite gloves are bite RESISTANT not PROOF.

Always use caution and common sense when handling animals.

*The level of puncture resistance was determined by an independent test with results of 1-5 with 5 being the highest.

Glove sizing: Order S/M for up to 8 and L/XL for larger than size 8

Weight: lbs

Bite Mitt

Total protection of the "bite zone"

Right or Left Hand Single Mitt

Available in S/M or L/XL

Discontinued, while quantities last

Total protection of the "bite zone" leaving fingers free for mobility.  Designed to fit over any of our other gloves for maximum resistance.

$ 19.95 per mitt


Duty Bite Glove

The Duty Bite glove is our version of the police style duty glove more form fitting and reinforced in all the right places where most bites occur.  Come in 4 sizes..even small and xxl


$49.95 per pair

Weight: lbs

ScratchBuster Pro Sleeves

Excellent scratch, cut and shred resistance for the most dexterous types of animal handling.

One size fits all 

$52.95 per pair 


Weight: lbs


Dyneema (Very cut resistant material) with nitrile coating.  Some puncture resistance where coated with nitrile.  Mainly used for scratch resistance and gripping.

Pair these gloves with the Bite Mitt.

$ 28.95 per pair



Son of Beast

*New*  Best Resistance for Fractious Animals

26" gauntlet  S/M and L/XL

Descendant of our best seller "The BEAST"!  Same core glove with extra grippy patch puncture resistant material over most of the glove with double reinforced finger and thumb tips, and middle of hand between index and thumb where most bites occur. Trim colors may vary from picture for different sizes.

 NO. Description  Price per pair
 BBSN26  Son of Beast  $188.95

The Beast

Available in an 18" gauntlet

This all-in-one utility glove consisting of a proprietary blend of double layers of Kevlar® and synthetic puncture resistant polymers. Level 5* puncture resistance. Made for animal handling but used by many police, fire and military personnel. The top of the line in puncture, cut, tear and compression resistance ever! Surprisingly flexible and comfortable too!  Washable

NO.  Description Price per pair 


 The Beast 18" S/M $149.95
 BBTB18L  The Beast 18" L/XL $149.95